Just a little longer….


To the single mother with young children who is hanging on by a thread…who for so long had no reprieve and whose previous routine and social networks are more important than she realised.

Just a little longer…

To the father who lost his job months ago…who was proud of his ability to provide for his family and doesn’t know who he is anymore. Depression has hit him hard.

Just a little longer…

To the woman who is stuck with her abuser 24/7…who now has to live with the threat of violence and a heightened level of fear every minute of every day.

Just a little longer…

To the grandmother in her aged care facility who has not seen a loving face in months. Whose health has deteriorated so much that she is barely recognisable…who has lost the will to live.

Just a little longer…

To the youth whose life once revolved around socialising…who has so much energy and zeal and no outlet…who is struggling with feelings of negativity and anxiety that they have never experienced before and doesn’t know what to do about it.

Just a little longer….

One or two days more of lockdown, or even one or two more weeks, may be fine for you and me, but these are the people we need to be considering today. Raising these concerns does not make us callous and happy for lives to be sacrificed for personal benefit. Raising these concerns means that we recognise that life is more than hearts that pump and lungs that breath, and we need to find the balance between merely existing and living. The rollercoaster of hope and disappointment is exhausting for us all…I hope that it doesn’t break those on the edge.

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com